Wk 13 (whoops): Texturing

Due to other assessment, work and procrastination I have once again left everything to the last moment. My plans for learning and buying Quixel and using on this model are now redundant as I do not have the time. However, I am still going to texture to my best ability in the time I have left

Initially I started by laying down the base colours. After a long time messing around with different shades, I stuck with the typical (boring but more realistic) brown wooden boat and a cream zeppelin. At the moment the shields are blue because I think the contrast is nice. I would really like to have a nice design on the front of the shields.


I also made the central beam of the boat a slightly darker colour. Simply because it breaks up the boat, looks nice and also hides my seams.

Several people kindly told me about ambient occlusion maps and how to render and apply it to my textures. So I did, because it is a great start for the shading and also helped me save a heap of time. It did, however, take four goes to render it but mostly because I am a quality snob and wanted in a 2048 resolution (with 128 passes). Here is my final AO map:


I simply used multiply on the AO layer.


There was a lot of little bits that needed to be fixed but this copy looks pretty good already. As you can see below, there are issues with the shadow on the zeppelin fins and the seats. There is also several seams (seen on the zeppelin) and patches that are too dark.


The model shown in consistent colours with the AO map applied over the texture (not fixed up yet). 

A lot of time was spent fixing the AO map in order to hide the seams. In addition to this, I added some textures and adjusted the colours. It was really fun to play with textures and I would definitely like to experiment further with this in the future.


My model with the completed textures is shown below:


The shield has the most detail. I added a decal, a rust texture, a steel rim (with highlights) and some bolts.

rsz_44 (1)

I think the texturing worked out OK, even though I left it much too late. If I had more time I would like to have added additional highlights and shadows.