Wk 10: Finishing the Modelling

Over the past week I have been working on the modelling. I completed the model of the boat by adding seats and decoration on the front and back. I initially included the seats and used the Boolean tool to carefully make sure that the boat and the seats did not overlap but rather sat against each other. Later, I was told that this was less effective so I extended the seats a fraction.


In addition to this, I created final details like the propeller, flippers, shields and zeppelin. The flipper took the longest time to model as it was difficult to get the shape right. In addition to this, the flipper was initially relatively high-poly, so I cut many polys from the back, where it is flat and there is less detail.


Finally, I assembled all the components together. I used the spacing tool in order to align the seats, shields and flippers.



Shown in consistent colours as my computer could not handle the shading. 

The last thing I did to my model was add some ropes (using spline lines) to connect the zeppelin and boat together. I am relatively happy with my model as it is. It is very basic but I hope to texture it in detail.

rsz_a rsz_b

I also look forward to animating it. I am planing on making the propeller will spin and the flippers paddle in a synchronized wave. At the moment, I think that it should be flying through clouds and a blizzard. This would look awesome and would also give me experience with some of the particle systems.

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