Wk 9: Modelling the Basics

This week I began modelling my hard-surface game asset. I began by putting my blueprint into 3dsMax by flipping the normals of a box, deleting the unnecessary polys and applying the blueprints as a standard texture with a bitmap fit. This worked really well as I allows me to get the correct shapes and scaling.


The blueprints of the front, side and top view. 


For the body of the zeppelin I started with the capsule primitive. 


By setting the object to see-through I was able to shape it easily to the blueprint by manipulating vertices, and edge rings. 

The zeppelin body was very simple and quick to model, much easier than the boat. With the boat I used similar techniques but also included a symmetry modifier. This time, I started with a chamfered cylinder because it gave the best possible shape with a flat end.


Starting the main body of the boat. 

The modelling of the boat involved a lot of vertex and edge modifying and the deletion of extraneous polys. To prepare for the wood detailing (shown in red on the blueprints) I chamfered the bottom so that the boat has a loop of flat polys running lengthwise.


Boat with one shield. At this point the boat has no thickness to it.

To give the boat a realistic thickness I cloned it, re-sized it appropriately and then bridged the two borders. This worked very well and makes the boat much more solid.