Wk 8: Development

Cameras and Rendering: A Hate Story

So, at the beginning of the week I had completely animated and assembled the scene. I just had to include cameras, render and then add sound effects. But I had an entire week! What could go wrong?

So, I started with a free camera and linked it to a point which I manipulated to make the camera move and rotate. I also used the camera itself to dolly in and out. This worked perfectly fine. Luckily, I decided to check what it would look like by doing an extremely quick render (1 sec/frame using Quicksilver). About 200 of my 480 frames were completely blank: just a pale pink colour.

After the initial panic, I realised that the issue was my camera. The camera was placed outside of the skydome. This meant that it looked perfectly fine in the viewpoint but when rendered just showed the pink of the skydome.


The skydome has some special properties which allowed the background to be seen while the foreground was hidden. 

This took an incredibly long time to work out and was very stressful as I was beginning to run out of time and uni was closed for the G20. After completely re-doing the camera and rendering for the eighth time, I was finally finished. I then spent the next couple of hours messing around with sound effects and music in Premiere Pro.

premiere pro

This was really fun and I really enjoy the way that sound effects truly make everything more real! I used very cartoonish sounds for trees, crabs and chest because I thought it matched the overall style of the scene.


Well, I am finished with this project. On reflection I could have used my time more efficiently but I think it went well overall. I would like to learn more about detailed modelling, animating and the particle feature in 3dsMax. Also, I do some my detailed texturing and also try the Quixel suite. In the future (and for the hard-surface model) I will definitely be leaving much more time to texture and render.

Thanks for reading!