Wk 7: Development

Animating and Scene Assembly

Over the last week or so, I have been animating and assembling my scene for the Pirate’s Gold advertisement. The first stage was importing all of the assets and managed to have some hiccups with this. The treasure chest was the wrong size and I (somehow) didn’t download the coin particle system, which lead to crazy panic later on.


I may have freaked out at this but then quickly realized that I have the ability to scale.

Using the design brief, I blocked out the overall scene in terms of placement, moving and timing, such as when and where the chest falls and how the other assets are placed and when they appear. I also spent way too long placing the grass… I just wanted it to be perfect…


Almost finished placing all the assets in the scene.

I found that I would do some initial animation while the object (e.g. the crab) was isolated but would also adjust, change and add a lot of it while it was incorporated in the this. This was mostly due to timing. With the crabs, for example, I extended their arm motions and also added a bobbing motion to sort the timing of the treasure chest. I found the curve editor extremely helpful. I spent a long time fiddling around with it to ensure the most cartoony stretch and squash! In addition to this, I modified the coin particle system a little to change the size and flow of the coins. Also, after a long time of messing around, I worked out how to stop them from falling through the world (move the displacement up).


I really enjoyed this entire process. It is incredibly rewarding to watch my work (well one of the assets) come to life in a larger picture! I look forward to do this again and will definitely be messing around with 3dsMax on the holidays.

PLEASE NOTE: For whatever reason (stupidity) I gave the final texture on my treasure chest a different name. I have fixed this now but it is not in some of the pictures.