Wk 6: Development

Rigging and Learning to Animate

So this week I learnt how to rig a model and the basics of animating in 3dsMax. I found the concepts of rigging quite understandable but, in saying that, it was a very simple model to rig. The basic idea is creating a hierarchical system which allows you to manipulate sections through the parent (e.g. a whole arm) or a subsection through the child (e.g. a finger). This makes sense, it just needs some consideration; it is just like creating a skeleton for the model.

In addition to this, I learnt how to use the key frame and auto keys in 3dsMax. I found the system very fluid and, although I did mess quite a bit, I find it easier than 2D animating. However, I initially found it annoying that each object had its only timeline. I soon saw the reason for this as a single objects timeline can get quite hectic!

Below is a couple of screenshots of the chest lid opening: