Wk 4: Development

Texturing the Treasure Chest

I had previously assumed that I would enjoy texturing a lot and I was not not wrong. I like drawing and painting in Photoshop and this was no different. So, obviously, this week I learnt how to texture a 3D model. It was pretty straight forward although it did take quite a long time to do. I really loved the way the treasure chest became more real and vibrant each time I added shadows, colours, gradients or highlights. It was quite enjoyable and I am now very interesting in trying the Quixel Suite.

It seems as though we may be just using a diffuse map for the models. I am actually thankful for this as I never done this before and I still slower than most (although I do have a better understanding of the other types of texture maps from the research blogs). I have learnt how to apply texture maps to the model using the material editor. In terms of Photoshop I have learnt efficiency when texturing and also have a better understanding of the pen tool. This week was quite interesting and I look forward to texturing in the future.

The following GIFs show the development of the texture maps and how it looks on the 3D model:


As the GIF is not high-quality, here is the final texture applied to the model:


I obviously have not finished the detailing but I unfortunately need to do other assignments. Over the next couple of weeks, I shall continue the texturing.