Wk 2: Development


This week I learnt a lot about modelling in 3DsMax, both in and out of class. I am much more confident with navigating the viewpoint and selecting specific parts of the model by vertex, edge, poly and also using rings and loops. In addition to this I have learnt about insetting, extruding, chamfering and adding additional polys through the connect tool. I am quite confident that I understand each of these but sometimes it is quite fiddly and takes me longer than it should.

I am, however, working much faster than I was at the beginning of the week. This is largely due to losing the 3DsMax files I created in class, resulting in me having to begin the treasure chest over again. Upon reflection, this was a very good thing as it gave me much more practice with the program and my first chest was also not quite right. This following GIF is the development of my treasure chest (the second one) from start to finish:


Shown below is the completed chest from different angles and as a wire frame: