Wk 1: Development

This week was our first class to 3D Graphics. I was initially intimidated by this subject as I have never touched 3D graphics / modelling / animation before. It is such a vast industry, it seems as though I could study forever and still only be competent in a small area. However, I have managed to grasp the basics of 3DsMax. Well, I can make boxes and navigate the viewport and make a robot out of primitives, but at least it is a start. After getting over my initial trepidation I am much more confident with the program. I have found that the concepts and actions are quite easy to grasp, but it all relies on my ability (or lack thereof) to execute them in a complex and new program. It can be quite frustrating but I will be trying to practice daily.

In addition to 3DsMax, the basics of 3D graphics and a quick overview of the industry, we were taught about the steps in the 3D production pipeline. This will be explored in the next post.